‘Libyan Mushaf’: Artist Completes, Unveils Handwritten Quran
IQNA – A Libyan calligrapher has completed and unveiled his handwritten Quran that is set to be published and distributed.
14:34 , 2024 Apr 09
Astan Hazrat Abbas Holds Quranic Gathering in Senegal
IQNA – The Astan of Hazrat Abbas (AS) Shrine organized a Quranic gathering in Senegal to commemorate the holy month of Ramadan.
18:15 , 2024 Apr 09
Quran Memorizers, Reciters Honored in North Gaza Camp
IQNA – A group of Quran memorizers and reciters graduated from a Quranic course held at a refugee camp in Gaza.
15:08 , 2024 Apr 07
3 Million Students Attend Quranic Circles Held in Commemoration of Gaza Martyrs
IQNA – Quran recitation programs were held Monday in over 20,000 schools in Iran and a number of other countries to commemorate teenage martyrs of Gaza.
10:56 , 2024 Apr 09
How Egyptian Qari Ahmed Nuaina Learned Quran
IQNA – Prominent Egyptian qari Sheikh Ahmed Ahmed Nuaina talked about how he learned the Quran at an early age.
22:19 , 2024 Apr 07
Institute Finishes Swedish Translation of Quran to ‘Combat Ignorance’
IQNA – An Iranian institute announced that it has finished a Swedish translation of the Holy Quran in a step to “combat ignorance” following several Quran desecration incidents in the country last year.
10:36 , 2024 Apr 06
3rd Meshkat Int’l Quran Competition: Closing Ceremony Held in Tehran
IQNA – Winners of the 3rd edition of the Meshkat International Quran Competition were named and awarded at the closing ceremony Saturday night.
12:22 , 2024 Apr 07
Egypt Int’l Quran Competition Winners Awarded
IQNA – The winners of the 30th edition of Egypt’s international Quran competition were awarded at a ceremony on Saturday.
09:01 , 2024 Apr 07
Iranian Qari Saed Recites Quran in Georgia Mosques  
IQNA – Renowned Iranian qari Mehdi Saed has traveled to Georgia in the holy month of Ramadan to take part in Quranic programs there.  
23:06 , 2024 Apr 06
Al-Kawthar TV’s 17th Int'l Quran Contest: Semifinalists Named
IQNA – The qaris making it to the semifinal round of Al-Kawthar TV Channel’s 17th international Quran competition were named.
17:02 , 2024 Apr 06
Curtains Close on 31st Tehran International Quran Exhibition
IQNA – The 31st edition of Tehran International Holy Quran Exhibition came to a close on Tuesday night.
09:54 , 2024 Apr 03
Algerian, Malaysian, Indonesian Qaris Win Katara Quran Award in Qatar
IQNA –   Winners of the 2024 Katara Quran Recitation Award were honored at a ceremony in Doha, Qatar, on Friday.
09:24 , 2024 Apr 06