Building New Islamic, Quranic Center for Women Begins in Qatar
IQNA – The construction operation of an Islamic and Quranic center for women began in a ceremony in Qatar.
20:09 , 2024 Apr 30
When Egyptian Qari Al-Saadani Stopped Cooperating with Quran Radio
IQNA – Sheikh Ahmed Suleiman al-Saadani was a renowned Egyptian qari and among the very first to record his recitations.
17:55 , 2024 Apr 30
Iranian Quran Memorizer Practicing Constantly to Prepare for Malaysia Int’l Contest
IQNA – Mohammad Reza Zahedi, who will represent Iran in the upcoming edition of Malaysia’s international Quran competition, said he is constantly practicing to prepare for the prestigious event.
14:16 , 2024 Apr 30
Hazrat Abbas Shrine Resumes Daily Khatm Quran Gathering
IQNA – The shrine of Hazrat Abbas (AS) in Karbala has reinstated its daily Khatm Quran program.
10:58 , 2024 Apr 30
Tehran Int’l Quran Expo: Iran’s Science Ministry to Be in Charge of Academic Section  
IQNA – The Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology will be in charge of the academic section of the Tehran International Quran Exhibition next year.
20:19 , 2024 Apr 29
Maldives: Himmafushi Island Celebrates Young Qaris in Annual Quran Competition
IQNA – The Himmafushi Island Council has concluded its annual Quran Competition which witnessed the participation of 140 children this year.
19:20 , 2024 Apr 29
Sudanese Women Memorize Quran in 99 Days: Report
IQNA – A number of women in Sudan have reportedly managed to learn the entire Quran by heart in less than 100 days.
21:46 , 2024 Apr 27
Imam Reza Shrine Enhances Traditional Quranic Gatherings
IQNA – Imam Reza (AS) Holy Shrine in Mashhad has broadened the scope of its traditional Quranic gatherings, according to the head of the Dar al-Quran center.
17:02 , 2024 Apr 27
Egypt’s Major Mosque Start Hosting Khatm Quran Programs
IQNA – Implementing a plan for organizing Khatm Quran programs in Egypt’s major mosques began at a ceremony on Friday.
15:18 , 2024 Apr 27
Egyptian Qari Mutawalli Abdul Aal’s Passion for Quran Recitation
IQNA – Sheikh Mutawalli Abdul Aal He was a great Egyptian qari who kept his passion for recitation until the last days of his life.
10:22 , 2024 Apr 27
Egyptian Kids Learning Quran in over 1,000 Centers Affiliated to Al-Azhar
IQNA – The Al-Azhar Islamic Center in Egypt has launched more than 1,000 branches of its Quran institute to teach Quran to children.
23:39 , 2024 Apr 25
Nasiri, Zahedi to Compete for Iran at Malaysia’s 64th Int’l Quran Contest
 IQNA – Iran named its representatives in the 64th edition of Malaysia’s international Quran competition.  
15:16 , 2024 Apr 24