The Holy Quran: Illuminating The Path Amidst Cognitive Warfare

IQNA – A senior cleric has highlighted the role of the Holy Quran in countering the cognitive warfare waged by some the West against the Holy Quran.
Iran Not to Engage in Direct Battle with Israeli Regime, Retaliation Not Limited to Missiles: Strategist
IQNA – An Islamic Revolution Guards Corp commander says the Islamic Republic will not engage in a direct battle with the Israeli regime and that the response to Israeli attack on Iranian embassy will not be limited to missiles and drones.
11:58 , 2024 Apr 07
International Quds Day: A Unified Stand for Palestine Amidst Israeli Genocide
IQNA – This year's International Quds Day is different from previous years as the world is witnessing the brutal nature of a regime that has killed more than 33,000 people in six months and displaced some 2 million others.
08:28 , 2024 Apr 05
Breaking Barriers Key to Combat Anti-Muslim Bias: Muslim Convert
IQNA – An Australian Muslim convert says breaking barriers and communicating is the key to standing against rising anti-Muslim sentiments and hate.
11:56 , 2024 Mar 02
Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi: A Life Dedicated to Muslim Unity and Knowledge, Son Remembers
IQNA – The son of Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi recalls his father's lifelong commitment to Muslim unity and knowledge, and how he inspired people with his wisdom and compassion.
10:12 , 2024 Mar 03
From Personal Reform to Global Justice: Prof. Elaborates Pathway to Embracing Mahdi
IQNA – A professor of religious studies says for embracing the savior, individuals need to have personal reformation while also actively advocating for societal equity and reform.
06:30 , 2024 Feb 25
Mab’ath: A Day to Remember Prophet Muhammad and His Message
IQNA – Mab'ath or the day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received his first revelation is a reminder to follow the message and teachings of the Holy Prophet.
07:05 , 2024 Feb 08
World Hijab Day A Platform to Foster Understanding, Tolerance: Nazma Khan
IQNA – The World Hijab Day has been embraced globally as a platform to foster understanding, tolerance, and solidarity, the founder of the movement said.
13:07 , 2024 Feb 01
Imam Ali's Timeless Wisdom: Three Principles for A Fulfilling Life
IQNA – Exploring three foundational principles extracted from Nahj al-Balagha, a scholar points to timeless wisdom for a fulfilling and balanced life according to the teachings of Imam Ali (AS).
07:39 , 2024 Jan 25
Muslim Unity Necessary to Save Palestine from Oppression, Occupation: Tajikistan Mufti
IQNA – The Grand Mufti of Tajikistan underscored the necessity for unity in the Muslim world in order to save Palestine from oppression and occupation.
11:24 , 2024 Jan 30
Analyst Stresses Int’l Awakening in Support of Palestinian Cause   
IQNA – A Palestinian thinker and political analyst said the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation has led to a global awakening in support of the cause of Palestine.
10:07 , 2024 Jan 27
‘People Should Rise Up’: Scholar Urges Muslim Unity in Face of Genocide in Gaza
IQNA – Muslims from all over the world should rise up to support Palestine and put pressure on political leaders, the head of a Malaysian think tank says.
15:44 , 2023 Dec 27