Efforts to Boost Support for Palestine on Agenda during Iranian President’s Algeria Visit

IQNA – Iran’s President Ebrahim Raeisi said efforts in support of Palestinian in the Gaza Strip will be among the main topics of discussion during his visit to Algeria.
World Leaders Condemn Israeli Regime For Massacre of Gaza Aid Seekers
IQNA – World leaders have expressed their outrage and condemnation after Israeli forces killed at least 112 Palestinians and wounded more than 750 others who were waiting for food aid in the besieged Gaza Strip on Thursday.
16:48 , 2024 Mar 01
Zionist Minister Who Called for Dropping Nukes on Gaza Now Urges ‘Wiping Out’ Ramadan
IQNA – A Zionist regime minister said Islam's holy month Ramadan should be eliminated to avoid escalation in the holy city of al-Quds.
09:05 , 2024 Mar 02
Both Friends, Ill-Wishers Eyeing Iran Election: Leader
IQNA – The Leader of the Islamic Revolution says both the country's friends and enemies are waiting to see how today's election goes as polls for parliament and the Assembly of Experts have opened across the nation.
09:46 , 2024 Mar 01
Words Cannot Express the Horrors of Gaza, UN Official Says
IQNA – The United Nations human rights chief expresses dismay concerning the brutality with which the Israeli regime is leading its ongoing months-long war of genocide against the Gaza Strip.
09:18 , 2024 Mar 01
Palestinians Urged to March on Al-Aqsa on Ramadan 1st
IQNA – A senior Hamas official urged Palestinians in the occupied West Bank to march on Al-Aqsa Mosque on the first day of Ramadan.
08:27 , 2024 Feb 29
Leader Stresses Strong Participation in Iran’s Upcoming Elections
IQNA – The Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed strong participation in Iran’s Friday elections, saying it would contribute to national power.
17:16 , 2024 Feb 28
US Disgraced in World by Supporting Israeli Crimes in Gaza: Official
IQNA – The all-out support from the US and Europe for the Israeli regime amid the ongoing atrocities in the Gaza Strip revealed the true colors of these Western government before the eyes of the world more than before.
13:14 , 2024 Feb 26
Only Resistance Will Force Enemy to Retreat: Hezbollah Deputy
IQNA – The Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement’s second in command Sheikh Naim Qassem underlined that only resistance and weapons will force the Zionist enemy to stop its aggression.
15:14 , 2024 Feb 27
Washington Responsible for Ongoing Regional Tensions: Islamic Jihad
IQNA – A spokesman for the Palestinian resistance movement Islamic Jihad said the US government is responsible for the continuation of tensions and conflicts in the region.
19:06 , 2024 Feb 26
Israeli Drone Downed by Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon
IQNA – Hezbollah has shot down and Israeli regime military drone in the Lebanese territory, the regime’s army confirmed Monday.
15:26 , 2024 Feb 26
An Explosion Coming: Hamas Warns against Al-Aqsa Mosque Restrictions  
IQNA – There will be an explosion coming if the Zionist regime goes ahead with a plan to restrict Muslims praying in the Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan, Hamas warned.
08:20 , 2024 Feb 25
Iraqi Resistance to Keep Targeting Zionist Regime Positions: Al-Nujaba
IQNA – The secretary general of Iraq’s al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement said the Iraqi resistance will continue to target the positions of the Zionist regime in solidarity with Palestine.
16:26 , 2024 Feb 25